On this page all Web hosting providers, that we watch and regularly test, presentedas a single table to visually compare different options. You can sort the hosters ona parameter that is the most important for you and the table will be reconstructed automatically.


Rating hosters includes the most important parameters, which draws the attention of potential clients: free period of validity, reliability, and performance. In addition, the ranking listed prices of services and user feedback. From this page you can navigate in the site sections dedicated to each provider, which is useful information, test results.
We provide the opportunity to all visitors of our website choose hoster, based on real data, which is suitable for them.
HOSTING VISIT SITE PRICE(per month) MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE, day PAGE SPEED, sec UPTIME (Reliability), % LOAD TESTING SPEED, sec LOAD TESTING, max requests per minute MEMORY LIMIT, mb RATING $5.99 90 2,39 99.97 3,37 80 512 1 Read more $2.75 45 2,62 99.97 2,22 142 256 2 Read more $2.95 30 3,68 99.92 10,39 26 128 3 Read more