How to choose the fast and reliable web hosting?

How our team is testing hosting providers?

Fast and reliable Web hosting – are the main criteria for our rating.

Choose fast and reliable Web hosting provider it is very difficult In our age of information. When you look for it in an Internet browser and find at the top, it does not mean that these providers best, it only means that they spend a lot of money on advertising and marketing. And while using them you have raised a lot of problems if those supporting all major hosters now all more or less well, with performance and availability, are significant problems. It is these indicators we will test the most popular hosting providers and find the best in speed and reliability, and not what they promise in their advertising.

We took turns buying shared hostings at different companies. We’re not talking about it in advance, Act anonymously to us were not given special privileges. Specially purchased the cheapest tariff plans, usually, the main difference between them is the limit on the number of hosted sites, the volume of transferred data, and disk space. Set them exactly the same site to CMS WordPress, with one and the same subject and on the same domain. On this site has not been any technical optimization, he has several high-quality images, text and script table, which consumes a lot of system resources. Completely disabled all plugins except three: Google Analytics plugin, security and the plugin responsible for the output of the table. That is the average standard user blog. It is shared hosting not chosen randomly, this is the most demanded product hosting companies due to its cheapness and ease of use.

Testing for fast and reliable Web hosting

Then we conduct testing. Just want to clarify, all used services for tests have a server in the country in which the Server Hoster. No change in the direction of the nearest server is not possible, then there are all the test subjects will be hosting, in equal conditions to the country in which they reside. But for users from other countries, all of our results are so important and useful, because thanks to them, you will see the most rapid and efficient services — they just quickly will work for other countries.

Page loading speed

Using 5 different services within a month at different times of day conducted the test download speed test site master page, then these data are as in the table and get the final mean value, which is listed in the summary table of indicators for the speed of page loading a specific hosting service.

Reliability (uptime)

For this indicator, we follow 3 service, and thanks to them we can see the speed of the response from the server. But as we test the hosting server is only less than a month, it certainly has to say about its reliability in this particular month, but not about its reliability as a whole. You can check this option only for a long time, such as a year. On this in this test involved other sites that not one year posted on the scanned host.

Stress testing the server

This is the most important test in our test. It is carried out using the service It within one minute on our website generates a lot of visitors and counts how many requests are successful, how many errors and how quickly handled requests. The more requests per minute goes by and the less time they are processed, the more balls in this test gets hosting. Based on this test, we can draw a conclusion about the speed of the server under load and the estimated maximum number of visitors that he withstands per minute, hence, you can count and per hour and day.

Other characteristics. We also attach great importance to such parameter as memory_limit, this analogue RAM allocated under our resource. It affects the processing speed of your plugins than their more so your site will run slower and higher memory limit the better.

Still, ideally, your site must be hosted on SSD drives, according to experts they 20 times faster than conventional drives.

All of the above characteristics are of direct importance to the performance and reliability of your site and in the calculation of the rating points have the greatest value for us. Further importance going coast and user reviews.

All features tested hosting providers consolidated in one common table where you can choose the best on any of the options. In the same way on the personal page of each hosting review, there are more detailed tests.